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Mastriano: Governor’s Budget Proposal is Out of Touch With Reality

February 04, 2020
tate Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33) is concerned about the governor’s proposed 2020-2021 spending plan, which was unveiled today.   [Read More]

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Senate approves Mastriano bill for Fire & EMS Grant Program

January 28, 2020
Legislation by State Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33) that would extend the state’s popular Fire & EMS Grant Program until 2024 was passed by the Senate today.   [Read More]

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The 104th Pennsylvania Farm Show

January 09, 2020
VIDEO: Senator Doug Mastriano talks with PA Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding at the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show.   [Read More]

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Public hearing on regulatory reform, red tape reduction and transparency

December 06, 2019
Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee | December 12, 2019 | 10:00 a.m. | Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. | Chambersburg, Franklin County |     [Read More]

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Victims of Communism Memorial Month

November 20, 2019
Along with Senator David Argall, I sponsored a resolution designating November 2019 as “Victims of Communism Memorial Month.”   [Read More]

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Mastriano: PA Senate GOP Action Leads to Roll-back of Federal Regulations Limiting Foster Care & Adoption Opportunities

November 01, 2019
A letter penned by a dozen Pennsylvania Senate Republicans to the White House resulted in President Trump mandating a roll-back of regulations limiting foster care and adoption opportunities in Pennsylvania and nationwide.     [Read More]

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United States Marine Corps Birthday

October 30, 2019
Senator Doug Mastriano offers a resolution recognizing November 10, 2019 as the United States Marine Corps 244th birthday.   [Read More]

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3rd annual “Talk to Your State Senator” video contest

October 29, 2019
Learn more from Senator Mastriano about the 3rd annual “Talk to Your State Senator” video contest.     [Read More]

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Committee advances Mastriano legislation for veteran driver’s licenses

October 29, 2019
Legislation proposed by State Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33) that would streamline the process for veterans seeking a driver’s license designation received a unanimous vote today from the Senate Transportation Committee. Listen   [Read More]

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Sen. Mastriano, Rep. Borowicz Unveil Heartbeat Legislation

October 21, 2019
State Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33), Rep. Stephanie Borowicz (R-76) and advocates for unborn children today unveiled legislation to protect unborn babies with beating hearts.   Senator Mastriano on Heartbeat Bill   Full News Conference   [Read More]

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Mastriano: Committee Advances Bill to Increase Regulatory Review Oversight, Transparency

September 25, 2019
Chaired by State Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33), the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee took action on a measure today that would increase legislative oversight and transparency of the regulatory review process.   [Read More]

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Voting meeting on SB 398

September 25, 2019
Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee | September 25, 2019 | 10:00 a.m. | Room 461, Main Capitol |     [Read More]