Mastriano to Reintroduce the Medical Freedom Act

HARRISBURG – Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-33) today announced he will soon reintroduce legislation to outlaw all current and future misguided COVID-19 vaccination mandates in Pennsylvania.

The Medical Freedom Act would prohibit a state agency or political subdivision from mandating an individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccination; clearly state that an individual in the Commonwealth may not be discriminated against, denied services or denied medical care for refusal to accept a COVID-19 vaccination; and prohibit all employers in the state from taking any adverse employment action against an individual who declines a COVID-19 vaccination.

“The fight for medical freedom continues into the new legislative session,” said Mastriano. “Many Pennsylvanians have lost and continue to lose their livelihoods and access to basic services due to misguided COVID vaccine mandates. Recent peer-reviewed studies have revealed what many of us had already known. The vaccines had limited effect on rates of transmission and all COVID vaccination decisions should have always been personal decisions made by the individual, including the right to informed consent or informed refusal. The General Assembly must take action to affirm that individuals have the basic human right to decide what goes INTO their body.”

Last session, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee approved the Medical Freedom Act, but the legislation did not receive a vote in the full Senate before the session expired.


Contact: Josh Herman

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