Mastriano: Wolf’s Publicity Stunt Lawsuit Threatens to Silence Voters

HARRISBURG — Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-33) released the following statement in response to the Wolf administration’s lawsuit challenging Senate Bill 106, which proposes five amendments to the state constitution: 

“This lawsuit is nothing but a publicity stunt from the Wolf administration meant to generate favorable headlines that peddle misinformation about what these constitutional amendments would actually mean for Pennsylvania.  

No matter how much the governor and his allies try to spin it, this lawsuit threatens to take away the voice of the people he supposedly represents. I can think of no legitimate reason why Pennsylvanians shouldn’t have the final word on what their state constitution says.  

The Wolf administration fears most residents don’t share its views on taxpayer-funded abortions, voter ID, election audits and regulatory reforms, so instead the governor ran to the courts in an attempt to skew the balance of power back into his favor and exert unilateral control over Pennsylvania. 

We’ve seen this time and again. From oppressive COVID-19 shutdowns to school mask mandates to carbon taxes, this administration takes every opportunity to bypass the legislative process and impose its narrow, unpopular worldview on all 13 million of us.  

I support any and all action to expose this publicity stunt for what it is and return the fate of the amendments back to the people.” 


CONTACT:  Doug Zubeck 

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