Mastriano Introduces Remittance Fee on Illegal Immigrants to Provide Property Tax Relief for Legal Citizens

HARRISBURG – As President Biden continues to neglect the porous southwest border and Governor Wolf continues to look the other way as illegal immigrants are transited into towns across Pennsylvania, Senator Doug Mastriano is taking action at the state level.

Mastriano officially introduced SB 1158 which will place a remittance fee on illegal immigrants residing in Pennsylvania.  An international remittance is a sum of money that is electronically sent out of the Pennsylvania economy and into the economies of international destinations. Over $70 billion dollars is transferred out of the United States and into the economies of recipient countries on an annual basis.

Oklahoma enacted a similar fee on remittances in 2014 and now receives over $13 million in annual revenue for the state. Because Pennsylvania’s estimated illegal immigrant workforce is significantly higher than Oklahoma, revenue generated from SB 1158 would likely result in at least eight times as much annual revenue.

The annual revenue from the fee on illegal immigrants will be directed to the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program. That program has delivered more than $6.8 billion in relief to eligible Pennsylvanians since its inception in 1971.

“If President Biden and Governor Wolf refuse to tackle the issue of illegal immigration, it’s time for the General Assembly to step in”, said Mastriano. “Our economy loses out on millions of dollars earned by illegal immigrants here and then sent to help other countries. Meanwhile, legal citizens struggle with absurd property tax rates and skyrocketing rent costs. This bill will direct tens of millions of new dollars to the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program to give much needed relief to struggling families.”

Mastriano is also a co-sponsor with Senator Mario Scavello on legislation that will initiate a transit program to send newly arriving illegal immigrants to the state of Delaware.

SB 1158 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance.


Contact: Josh Herman (Mastriano)

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