Mastriano Introduces Bill to Ban Taxpayer Funded vehicles for Public Officials

HARRISBURG – Legislation to ban taxpayer funded vehicles for public officials and employees was formally introduced by Senator Doug Mastriano (PA-33). The bill is co-sponsored by Senators Phillips-Hill, Judy Ward, Dush, and DiSanto.

Under SB 963, no state official, judicial official, or state employee may be assigned a state-owned vehicle on a permanent or long-term basis. Additionally, no state funds may be used to lease a vehicle on a long-term basis on behalf of a state official, judicial official, or state employee.

The ban will not apply to those whose official duties require the assignment or lease of a vehicle for emergency response.

“Taxpayer funded private vehicles for public officials and employees is a perk we need to park,” said Mastriano. “The existing system is wasteful, does not provide enough oversight, and can be easily abused. As an example, a member of the House of Representatives had three accidents in two state vehicles over three years. This included a hit-and-run fender bender this year while driving with a suspended license.

“Our state pays not only for personal vehicles, but also the gas, insurance, repairs, and potential lawsuits. We owe it to our constituents to look for ways to save taxpayer dollars. SB 963 is a great start to that.”

SB 963 has been referred to the State Government Committee where it now awaits a vote in 2022.

CONTACT: Josh Herman


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