Mastriano Votes to Expand School Choice Eligibility

HARRISBURG – The Senate approved three bills that preserve school choice access for families and give more flexibility to students pursuing college degrees without incurring unnecessary debt, Senator Mastriano said.

“I was proud to vote yes on all three bills. Legislation like this empowers more parents to make the decision in determining what type of school environment is best for their child. It moves Pennsylvania into a direction that funds students and families over special interests.”

Senate Bill 931 excludes pandemic stimulus payments from a household’s income when determining eligibility for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs. This important legislation ensures children will not see their educational opportunities diminished because of one-time government handouts.

Senate Bill 932 revises the definition of “school-related fees” so that students can use EITC and OSTC scholarships toward dual enrollment programs. This option gives Pennsylvania’s next generation of professionals the flexibility to pursue college degrees or access career training while minimizing excessive student loan debt.

Both bills will head to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

House Bill 1642 loosens the threshold for schools to be considered “economically disadvantaged,” which would allow more students to access a supplemental tax credit scholarship offered through the EITC’s Economically Disadvantaged Schools program. It also boosts the awarded amount to $2,000 for elementary and middle school students and $4,000 for high school students. These revised thresholds will open the door to educational opportunity for so many deserving students left behind by the program’s existing constraints.

House Bill 1642 now awaits the governor’s signature.

CONTACT: Josh Herman

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