Tuesday: Medical Freedom Rally Set for State Capitol

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HARRISBURG – State Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-33) will participate in a rally at the state Capitol tomorrow to highlight legislation to protect medical freedom.

The rally will be held Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 1:30 p.m. on the front steps of the State Capitol Building in Harrisburg. 

The event will focus on bills to protect Medical Freedom, to include: 

Senate Bill 471 — prohibiting COVID-19 vaccine mandates by state, county or local governments as a condition of employment, entrance to services, ability to purchase goods or services, or to receive medical care.

Senate Bill 885 – ensuring workers terminated or forced to resign by their employer for refusing the COVID-19 vaccination will qualify for full unemployment benefits.   

Senate Bill 968 – providing exemptions for employees from vaccination mandates related to COVID-19 and recourse for employees denied stated exemptions. 

Taking part in the rally will be Sen. Chris Gebhard (48th District), Rep. Mike Jones, (93rd District) and Rep. Stephanie Borowicz (76th District).

Additional speakers will include:

Dr. Chaminie Wheeler – former Pediatric Hospitalist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia at Grand View Hospital; former Pediatric Hospitalist, Onsite Neonatal Partners at St. Luke’s University Hospital Network; and former Clinical Assistant Professor, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. 

Dr. Tracy Stroup – Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Natural Health Professional, and a Level 2 Digestive specialist.

Tami Hartlaub — forensic nurse examiner and is also an adjunct nursing instructor at a local college. 

C.C. Baretti – co-founder of Pennsylvania Labor Advocates, representing thousands of employees now without work due to the vaccine mandates and COVID-19.

Amy Adams — poet, writer, mother and teacher who is passionate about liberty and our God-given Constitutional rights.

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