Mastriano Announces Legislation Divesting Pennsylvania Funds from Companies Controlled by Chinese Communist Party

HARRISBURG – State Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-33) today announced legislation requiring Pennsylvania state agencies to withdraw investments in companies controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The measure would provide for the gradual divestiture by the State Treasurer, the State Employees Retirement System, and the Public School Employees Retirement System of such investments.

“For far too long, Pennsylvania has invested hundreds of millions in government funds in a regime that continues to trample human rights,” Mastriano said. “The atrocities are wide-ranging and include the suppression of basic freedoms. The systematic persecution of the Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities on religious, cultural, ethnic and gender grounds constitutes crimes against humanity. Pennsylvania taxpayers should not be forced to involuntarily support such atrocities.”  

According to the United Nations, two million Uyghurs Muslims are currently or have been held in large-scale concentration camps for the purpose of torture and cultural genocide. The CCP’s chief goal in Xinjiang has been the destruction of this entire group by wiping out their religion, language and ethnic identity, the senator said.

The CCP has also used force and aggression to methodically erode self-rule in Hong Kong, weaken democracy in Taiwan and abuse basic human rights in Tibet.   

“Communist ideology has resulted in the deaths of more people than any other ideology of the last century, with the Communist Party of China itself inflicting tyranny and oppression on its citizens and others for more than 70 years,” Mastriano said. “Divestment by Pennsylvania alone will not bring down this regime, but that doesn’t mean we should help it prosper. It is far past time to separate our state funds from companies controlled by the CCP.”


CONTACT: Josh Herman

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