Mastriano: Governor’s Budget Proposal is Out of Touch With Reality

HARRISBURG – State Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33) is raising objections about the governor’s proposed 2021-2022 spending plan, which was unveiled today.

“It’s yet another one of Wolf’s misguided ideas that aims to tax and spend the rest of us into perdition,” said Mastriano. “His ignorance of our people’s suffering is sadly understandable, since he’s avoided meeting with the people he is supposed to represent.”

The $40.2 billion budget plan features numerous tax hikes, including a new levy impacting the natural gas industry, as well as a hike in the personal income tax.

“It is an unrealistic and shortsighted budget,” said Mastriano. “Families are struggling to survive, because of the Governor’s flawed policies, and his solution is more taxes. Sadly, the Governor has never met a tax or fee that he does not like and the rest of have to pay for his irresponsible policies.”

Pennsylvania ranks in the top 10 in tax burden among all states.

“It is borderline insanity to think that Governor Wolf’s latest tax scheme will not hurt the people of our state,” continued Mastriano. “Clearly, that’s an idea that only a wealthy aristocrat like him would have.  The fact is that his taxes make us all suffer.”

Wolf also proposed a hike in the personal income tax to fund education, even though many of the state’s 500 school districts have shut down in-person education for nearly a year.

“The General Assembly has funded schools at record levels since I’ve been in office, and those increases were funded with no tax hikes,” said Mastriano. “It is ridiculous that the Governor shut down business after business, without citing science or data, and now he wants to boost taxes impacting those that are still actually working.  This is NO time for an increase in the personal income tax.”

Additionally, the proposal eliminates funding for broadband expansion, as well as vital agricultural programming, and health services. Also, the Governor resuscitated his State Police impact fee.

Mastriano looks forward to working with the Senate Appropriations Committee in addressing the flaws in the Governor’s budget.



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