Mastriano Condemns Violence in Washington, D.C.

(HARRISBURG) – Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33) issued the following statement about the violence in Washington, D.C.:

“As a military veteran and retired colonel, I do not – nor would I ever – condone the violence we saw today. I join with all patriotic Americans in condemning what occurred in the Capitol.  There never is justification for this sort of behavior. I not only love but I fought for this country, our constitution and its rule of law. 

“My wife and I went to Washington, DC, today to support President Trump which should not surprise anyone familiar with my views on this election and my concerns about its integrity.

“My position on lawlessness is equally as clear. When it was apparent that this was no longer a peaceful protest, my wife and I left the area and made our way out of the area. At no point did we enter the Capitol building, walk on the Capitol steps or go beyond police lines.

“Today was a sad day for our country. It hit me especially hard because I’ve spent most of my adult life defending our nation’s freedoms and ensuring that our constitutional rights are protected. Those who violated those laws must be prosecuted.” 

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