Voting meeting on SB 1281, SB 101 and SB 845

Senate Transportation Committee

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 10 am  (NOB – Hearing Room 1)


SB 1281 (Mastriano and K. Ward): Rebrands the “Steer Clear Law” to the “Move Over Law” and increases fines and penalties for drivers who fail to move over or slow down when approaching an emergency response area.

Amendment No. 7057 (K. Ward): Clarifies the speed restriction under §3327(a)(2).

SB 101 (Hutchinson): Requires PennDOT to maintain stormwater systems on State highways in boroughs and towns with a population equal to or less than 2,500 people.

SB 845 (Langerholc): Increases the weight of electric-powered trucks to 82,000 pounds to align with the federal FAST Act.

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