MASTRIANO: Committee Advances 9/11 Legislation for Schools

HARRISBURG – Legislation by State Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33) that would establish a statewide moment of silence in schools in observance of September 11th recently received a unanimous vote from the Senate Education Committee.

As a result of the panel’s unanimous vote June 8th, Senate Bill 869 advances to the full Senate for consideration.

The moment of silence would coincide with the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil. Senator Pat Stefano (R-32), whose district is home to the Flight 93 National Memorial, has joined Mastriano as a prime sponsor of the proposal.

“The vast majority of children currently attending our schools were not alive in 2001 when this premeditated and cowardly assault occurred,” said Mastriano. “My bill will ensure our pupils always remember and never forget about 9/11.”

“It is disheartening that the horrific events of this day – which will never be forgotten by Americans across the country – are not officially memorialized by Pennsylvania students,” said Mastriano, a retired 30 year combat veteran.

Mastriano, who was commissioned in the U.S. Army in 1986 and retired as a Colonel, noted that Pennsylvania’s role in 9/11 should never be forgotten, evidenced by the sacred ground of Shanksville and the heroic sacrifices that transpired there.

He noted that the United States military continues to fight the nation’s enemies as an aftermath of that tragic event.

“I am simply encouraging our schools to set aside time during the anniversary of Sept. 11th to reflect upon what happened and to educate our youth about the importance of the commemoration,” said Mastriano. “My legislation is aimed at the remembrance of the thousands of civilians and emergency responders who lost their lives – or were wounded – that day.”


AUDIO: Senator Mastriano speaks on SB869.



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