Mastriano Proposes Emergency Declaration Re-Authorization Measure

HARRISBURG – As part of a measure that is being proposed by State Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33), the General Assembly would have to re-authorize an Emergency Declaration implemented by the Governor.

The measure would require the General Assembly to re-authorize a declaration, such as the ongoing COVID-19 emergency pandemic, every 10 days.

“We need to restore checks and balances in our government,” said Mastriano. “The health crisis has been a learning experience for every component of state government, and one issue is abundantly clear – there needs to be more communication between the executive branch and the legislative branch.”

“Unfortunately, there has been very little direct consultation between the Governor and the General Assembly, resulting in lack of clarity for Pennsylvanians,” added Mastriano. “We need to do better, because right now, the situation is unacceptable.”

Mastriano believes his proposal will help restore checks and balances in state government during an emergency crisis, and augment communication.

The measure being proposed by Mastriano would require the General Assembly to reconsider an Emergency Declaration every 10 days.

A majority vote by the House and Senate would re-authorize the Emergency Declaration, and a negative vote would rescind it.

By taking no action during a 10-day period, the Emergency Declaration would end via default.

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