Mastriano: Governor Must Clarify Mandate about “Non-Life Sustaining Businesses”

HARRISBURG – After receiving insufficient feedback from Governor Wolf, State Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33) is calling upon Wolf to clarify his mandate forcing all “non-life sustaining businesses” to close.

Wolf made the announcement Thursday in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.  The mandate has resulted in confusion and misinformation among the local business community.

“The governor is creating an environment of panic and disorder with ill-advised and uncoordinated decisions, said Mastriano. “His mandates will lead to the ruination of families and businesses, and should not be taken as lightly as it is by his administration. There was no coordination with the Senate and his list was developed in the bubble of Harrisburg staffers, without regard or consideration of its impact on our hard-working citizens.”

Mastriano recalled the fiasco of the governor’s unilateral decision to close all highway rest stops, noting that it was a “case in point of the rudderless ship he captains.” A few rest stops have since been reopened.

“When that edict was issued and the barriers went up, truckers were in a quandary where to stop as they are mandated by government regulations,” said Mastriano. “With the rest stops blocked by Wolf’s barricades, trucks pulled off on the side of the highways, creating a public safety hazard.  After considerable push-back, the governor begrudgingly agreed to open only 13 rest stops, but decided to leave the bathrooms closed.”

“To ameliorate this, the governor decided to bring in portable toilets, which health officials condemned as something that would only perpetuate the public health crisis,” added Mastriano. “One bad decision leads to another and the suffering of Pennsylvania’s families is clearly furthest from his mind.”

Mastriano concluded: “This is a unique time in our history, but we need the governor to step up and provide specific information to residents, businesses, stakeholders and taxpayers that are impacted by his decisions.  Dropping last-minute declarations that order the closure of all businesses – – – within hours of his announcement – – – is unacceptable.  Why does he refuse to work with the General Assembly to better navigate these troubled waters?  Where is advise and consent?  Instead, pronouncements are given by press release, and the people of Pennsylvania are left behind to pay for and clean up the pieces of these ill-informed policies.”

Mastriano encouraged citizens to contact Governor Wolf directly: 717-787-2500;



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