Mastriano: PA Senate GOP Action Leads to Roll-back of Federal Regulations Limiting Foster Care & Adoption Opportunities


HARRISBURG – A letter penned by a dozen Pennsylvania Senate Republicans to the White House resulted in President Trump mandating a roll-back of regulations limiting foster care and adoption opportunities in Pennsylvania and nationwide.

The effort was encouraged by State Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33), who learned that federal regulations put in place by President Obama were being used by Governor Tom Wolf and his administration to limit opportunities for faith-based agencies to participate in adoption and foster care services.

President Trump’s administration proposed a rule today that would reverse the Obama-era regulations, so that faith-based organizations are no longer restricted and are permitted to serve their communities, consistent with their religious beliefs.

“The Trump Administration is putting families first, and making sure children have loving homes,” said Mastriano. “Today’s announcement helps safeguard our religious liberties and protects the faith-based organizations that provide such critical services in our Commonwealth.”

The letter was signed by 12 state senators, including Mastriano, President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, Ryan Aument, David Argall, Michele Brooks, John DiSanto, John Gordner, Scott Hutchinson, Scott Martin, Kristin Phillips-Hill, Joe Pittman and Judy Ward.

Mastriano noted that for over a century, faith-based organizations played a pivotal role in ensuring children and families had access to a range of services that best suited their personal needs in Pennsylvania. However, the state’s religious-affiliated adoption providers were subject to recent punitive policies that limited opportunities for children to find permanency and for families to provide the stability and support they needed.

“I am ecstatic that these discriminatory policies are finally ending,” said Mastriano. “I urge the Wolf Administration to do what’s right, and move swiftly to help our children receive the services they deserve.”

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