Mastriano: Senate Approves Peyton’s Law to Prevent Student-Athlete Cardiac Arrest Deaths

HARRISBURG – The Senate approved legislation today to help student athletes and their parents take steps to prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Known as Peyton’s Law, Senate Bill 836 is named after Peyton Walker of Cumberland County, who died from Sudden Cardiac Arrest when she was just 19 years old.

            Under the legislation, student-athletes and their parents would be informed by schools about the importance of electrocardiogram testing to detect underlying heart conditions that can lead to SCA.

            “Medical professionals and parents recognize that we need to do more to protect student-athletes,” said Mastriano. “Passage of this bill demonstrates that the legislature is committed to reducing the occurrence of SCA in our children.”           

The proposal requires that student-athletes and their parents be given information about electrocardiogram testing and have the option to request an electrocardiogram in addition to the standard sports physical.

Overall, the legislation builds on Act 59 of 2012, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act, which recognized the significance of the issue, requiring information be provided to student athletes about SCA. Currently, student-athletes and parents receive an SCA symptoms and warning signs information sheet each school year, which must be signed and returned prior to participation in athletic activities.

Senate Bill 836 amends Act 59 to require: 1) information be provided to student-athletes and their parents/guardians regarding electrocardiogram testing and 2) they be notified of the option to request the administration of an electrocardiogram in addition to the standard physical examination.

Following the unanimous vote Wednesday, the legislation advances to the House for consideration.


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