Op-Ed: Fighting For You in the District and in Harrisburg

Thank you for your overwhelming support during the special election in May, where you gave me a record-setting mandate of nearly 70% of the vote.  This is unprecedented for a political outsider and I owe that victory to you.  This article is my introduction for those who do not know me.  Future pieces will address policies and issues that impact you and your family. 

A little about me: my dad was a career Navy man and he personified respecting our country, with hard work and taking care of family.  Growing up with his example, I worked diverse jobs that included being a paperboy, janitor, security guard, short-order cook and dishwasher.  I was blessed to become an Eagle Scout, as well. 

Upon entering Eastern College (now Eastern University) in St. Davids, PA, I joined the Army ROTC.  While at Eastern, I met Rebbie Stewart and we married after finishing college.  I was commissioned in the U.S. Army in 1986 and assigned to the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment in West Germany.  The 2nd Cavalry patrolled the Iron Curtain borders of East Germany and Czechoslovakia.  It was an amazing time and beginning in 1989 we witnessed the end of the Cold War and the reunification of Germany. 

With the end of the Cold War, my unit deployed to the Middle East for Operation Desert Storm to participate in the liberation of Kuwait.  The 2nd Cavalry was given the mission of leading the main attack to fight Saddam Hussein’s elite Guards.  We encountered stiff resistance from Iraqi units and I nearly lost my life during a counterattack by Saddam’s 12th Armored Division.  I believe I was saved by God, who answered the prayers of Pennsylvanians. Rebbie played a significant role in leading those prayer efforts.

In the 1990s, I continued my military service in various units, but everything changed after our nation was attacked on September 11, 2001.  I was given the task of developing the plan to invade Iraq via Turkey in 2003.  Shortly thereafter, I served with NATO’s Land Forces Headquarters and was deployed three times to Afghanistan.  I volunteered for the first two deployments, because I felt a strong urge to do my part for our country in the aftermath of 9/11.  While in Afghanistan, I discovered a decrepit orphanage and my unit did all we could to help 150 destitute children.

I completed my military service in 2017 as a Colonel at the Army War College in Carlisle, PA.  As I concluded my time in the Army, I reflected on the deployments, the years away from home, and the sacrifices my family and I had made and it gave me pause.  My heart was broken that after 30 years of service, the Pennsylvania I would be handing off to my son was less prosperous, less secure and less free than when I received it from my father.  Crippling taxes are driving retirees out of their homes, the 2nd Amendment is under assault, and the precious lives of the unborn are eliminated without concern, while free speech is under attack by Orwellian-like ideologies that are taking over our public institutions.  


I decided I could not stand aside while radical ideologues and greedy bureaucrats run our state into the ground. After much prayer, I stepped forward for public office so that I could continue to serve.  My goal is to take back our government and to safeguard the freedoms that so many have died for.  Too much is at stake and I will not stand aside as faceless bureaucrats create regulations that crush our families, farmers and businesses, or while Harrisburg thinks of new ways to take more of your hard earned money.  

South-central Pennsylvanians deserve representation that personifies the values of our people – faith, family, and the freedom to pursue our dreams.  I will defend the right to life, protect the 2nd Amendment, fight for lower taxes, and roll back government regulations that crush our families, famers and business owners. 

As President Ronald Reagan said, we need “to get the government off of our backs and out of our wallets.”  Most of us just want to live our lives as we deem fit and do not want the government telling us what we can and cannot do or think.  There are so many issues and challenges that face us.  I look forward to addressing some of these in future articles.  Until then, I ask for your continued support and especially for your prayers. 

We are at a flex point in our history and everything is at stake.  This reminds me of a remark made as the Constitutional Convention ended in 1787. Benjamin Franklin was asked what the outcome of the convention was and he answered, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  It is our turn to defend this republic and to preserve the freedoms that we have been given.  It is an honor to continue the fight for freedom here in Pennsylvania, and with your support and God’s help we will restore the light of liberty to our land.        

Senator Mastriano represents the 33rd District in the Pennsylvania Senate. The district includes Adams County, and parts of Franklin, Cumberland and York counties.

CONTACT:   Scot Pitzer (717) 787-4651; spitzer@pasen.gov.

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