Mastriano: Department of Corrections Must Fire Pedophile Sympathizer

HARRISBURG – Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-33) sent a letter to the Department of Corrections Acting Secretary George Little today demanding answers about the extent of its working relationship with Miranda Galbreath, a licensed therapist that touts destigmatizing pedophiles.

“Galbreath’s reprehensible views have no place in our state prisons, let alone our society,” Mastriano said. “I demand Galbreath’s professional relationship with our state end immediately and request a response regarding her involvement in counseling inmates at state correctional institutions and the extent to which this extremist ideology has infiltrated the department.”

Galbreath, in a 10-minute video posted on her YouTube channel and circulating on social media, describes herself as an Erie-based licensed therapist who routinely treats sex offenders in state prisons. Her LinkedIn profile likewise specifies she’s a full-time professional counselor for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and she’s listed on PennWatch as a psychological services specialist for the department as of July 15.

“Galbreath has the nerve to suggest using the word ‘pedophile … causes harm’ to those convicted of sexual crimes against children,” Mastriano said. “This revolting rhetoric prioritizes the humanity of child abusers over the protection and healing of their victims. The department must address this, now.”

CONTACT: Doug Zubeck

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