Mastriano provides update on illegals sent to Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG – Senator Doug Mastriano (PA-33) has looked further into the issue of the Biden Administration sending illegal immigrants to Pennsylvania shortly after their apprehension at the southern border.

The “ghost” flights in the middle of the night to Lehigh Valley last month are far from the only transit flights that ICE has sent to PA this year.

According to the U.S Department of Homeland Security, ICE conducted over 900 domestic flights of illegal immigrants around the U.S in 2021. One of the destination cities was identified as Harrisburg, PA. ICE also conducted at least 11 “transfer” flights into Philadelphia. It’s unknown how many passengers were on each flight and the final destination for each passenger.

DHS has also issued “Notices to Appear” in court for over 250 illegal immigrants released in the Philadelphia area.

Additionally, according to a forthcoming report from the DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG), ICE has failed to ensure migrants are tested for COVID-19 before transport on flights and has not maintained records for the illegals who are transported.

“I think these findings are just the tip of the iceberg,” said Senator Mastriano. “We need to further examine the total number of illegal immigrants being sent to PA by plane and bus. We also need to look at how much this is costing taxpayers and if Governor Wolf and Attorney General Shapiro were notified of the flights beforehand.  Did they decline to inform the public?”

Senator Mastriano is a co-sponsor of legislation by Senator Mario Scavello that will initiate a program to send newly arriving illegal immigrants to the state of Delaware.

The below findings emanate from a DHS response to inquiries from U.S Senator Ron Johnson.

ICE Air Operations, Domestic Transfers and Flights FY 2021:

Domestic Transfer Flights 938
Non-citizens Transferred 51,750

FY 2021 ICE Air Operations, Cities Transited:

Abilene, TX Las Vegas, NV
Albuquerque, NM Del Rio, TX
Alexandria, LA Mesa, AZ
Birmingham Miami, FL
Brownsville, TX Minneapolis, MN
Buffalo, NY Newark, NJ
Columbus, GA Omaha, NE
Dallas, TX Portland, OR
El Paso, TX Richmond, VA
Gary, IN San Antonio, TX
Harrisburg, PA San Diego, CA
Houston, TX Toledo, OH
Jacksonville, FL Tucson, AZ
Kansas City, MO Victorville, CA
Laredo, TX Wichita, KS

FY 2021 ICE Domestic Transfer Flights:

Atlanta 55
Baltimore 37
Boston 11
Buffalo 11
Chicago 27
Dallas 43
Denver 36
Detroit 35
El Paso 20
Houston 5
Los Angeles 132
Miami 35
New Orleans 4
New York 17
Newark 87
Philadelphia 11
Phoenix 23
Salt Lake City 18
San Antonio 44
San Diego 28
San Francisco 165
Seattle 55
St. Paul 20
Washington 18
Grand Total 915

Notice to Appear (NTAs) Issued by AOR, Releases Between March 21, 2021 and August 31, 2021:

Atlanta 707
Baltimore 68
Boston 1,177
Buffalo 63
Chicago 1,164
Dallas 950
Denver 379
Detroit 203
El Paso 20
Harlingen 7
Houston 195
Los Angeles 986
Miami 460
New Jersey 2,450
New Orleans 860
New York City 2,613
Philadelphia 254
Phoenix 59
Seattle 365
San Francisco 447
Salt Lake City 405
San Antonio 718
San Diego 113
St. Paul 447
Washington 1,203
Grand Total 16,293



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