Op-Ed: Election Fraud & the Destruction of our Republic

There is election fraud in Pennsylvania and denying it won’t make it go away.

The day before Thanksgiving, along with Senator David Argall, I hosted the Senate Majority Policy Committee hearing in Gettysburg where hours of testimony was presented, reviewed, and vetted.

We heard eyewitness after eyewitness, who personally experienced their rights being violated. It’s not just the rights of the witnesses that were violated; if a canvass observer is not permitted meaningful observation of ballot processing, the rights of every voter who cast their ballot is being violated.

During the hearing, expert witnesses testified to statistical anomalies, such as quantities of ballots that counting machines could not physically process within a required timeframe. Another witness testified that an election worker was plugging flash drives into voting machines for no stated purpose.

Even after the hearing, which commanded the nation’s attention, the far left and members of the media refused to acknowledge there is widespread election fraud in Pennsylvania. We are living in the storied tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes. What is so plain and obvious that even a child can see it is being denied wholesale.

After the hearing, I introduced a measure that would allow the Pennsylvania legislature to exercise its Constitutional authority of appointing presidential electors. For the legislature to pass the resolution, Governor Wolf needed to call a special session and he refused.

Sadly, the Governor has routinely dismissed allegations of election fraud. Instead of choosing to serve all Pennsylvanians, and caring enough to ensure that our elections were indeed free and fair, he has chosen loyalty to partisan politics.

I also signed an amicus to the lawsuit by Congressman Mike Kelly that seeks to strike down the voting reform Act 77 of 2019. As originally written, Act 77 had many safeguards in place to ensure voting integrity. But the Pennsylvania Supreme Court illegally re-wrote the law allowing for mail-in ballots to be counted, even if received three days after the election and without any postmark.

The court also ruled that ballots without signature verification would be counted.  The Pandora’s Box of voter fraud was thus unleashed in Pennsylvania.

The United States Constitution delegates the responsibility of passing election law to the General Assembly, not the courts. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has re-written election law.

In 2018, they dismissed Congressional District maps and hired a professional from California to draw their own.

Further, Commonwealth Secretary Boockvar ignored Act 77 safeguards and issued her own conflicting guidance October 23 and November 2.

The Secretary directed certain counties to cure defective ballots, which allowed voting officials in Democrat-controlled counties to correct ballots so that they could be counted.

This is a direct violation of the equal protection law and was a partisan maneuver to favor Democrat candidates in the general election. If this is not voter suppression, is there a better example?

I also signed onto the Pennsylvania Senate’s amicus brief in support of the lawsuit filed by Texas. The lawsuit argues that non-legislative actors amended Pennsylvania election law and this is a violation of the United States Constitution.  This violation resulted in Pennsylvania voters being treated inconsistently and these voting irregularities undermined the integrity of the election.

This is a strong case in that the PA Supreme Court and the Wolf administration rewrote Act 77 and transformed it into something that we did not vote for.

We are the United States of America. When one state conducts an election filled with irregularities, fraud, abuse and lawbreaking, every other state has standing! If the election only concerned our state row offices, I would agree with the Supreme Court. But the President of our nation affects each state and each citizen. If Pennsylvania’s election is fraudulent, every state’s election is also tainted.

The fourteenth amendment gives equal protection to each citizen. If another state is depriving its citizens of a free and fair election, it is depriving every citizen of that right.

Election fraud is real and prevalent, and it won’t go away by refusing to believe it exists. Yet, despite the evidence and witnesses at my hearing, the media refuses to conduct a serious investigation. Perhaps the biased press likes the outcome of the vote?

However, this does not change the material fact that cheating and fraud happened in our state.  Despite the evidence, our Governor and Secretary of State likewise refuse to investigate, because they too like the outcome as it stands.  It is appalling that elected officials and the mainstream media are refusing to acknowledge the material fact that there are rampant voting problems in our state.

What is more troubling is that the United States is in a habit of spending millions of dollars, and putting lives of our soldiers at risk, to ensure safe and secure elections in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Bosnia.  But we are unable to conduct free and fair elections in our Commonwealth.

Something is seriously wrong when a ruling class, enabled by a complicit media, refuse to take any concerted effort to safeguard our own elections.  Every legal vote must count and any who cheat in an election must be held accountable.  Our Republic cannot long endure without free and fair elections where each person has one legal vote.

Senator Doug Mastriano represents the 33rd Senate District, which includes all of Adams County, and portions of Franklin, Cumberland and York counties.

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