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2021 Year in Review

2021 was a busy year.  This is a rundown of some of what I have done during the year.

I was sworn in for my first full term as District 33 Senator. I am honored at the opportunity to serve the district as well as citizens from all over Pennsylvania. I have endeavored to have the best constituent response team in the state. As a public official, it is important to listen to the voice of the people.

I spearheaded efforts to draft legislation to secure future elections. I also led the call for a full forensic audit.

In addition, our state continued to deal with an autocratic governor. The General Assembly put two questions on May’s ballot to restrict the governor’s emergency powers. I held rallies around the state, reached hundreds of thousands through social media, and published op-eds to support the passage of the amendments. Those amendments passed by a significant margin and the General Assembly voted to terminate Governor Wolf’s Emergency Declaration in June.

I voted for a budget this year that rejected tax increases from the Wolf Administration, kept out-of-control spending in check and enhanced funding for parental school choice options.

I drafted more than 50 pieces of legislation and co-sponsored almost 200 over the course of the year. My bills are informed by everyday conversations with people from across the commonwealth and I take pride in representing their voice.

Here’s a look at what I’ve focused on: 

Protecting Medical Freedom

Termination of the Covid-19 Emergency Declaration

Medical Freedom Act

Providing Employee Exemptions from Covid-19 Vaccination Mandates

Ensuring Unemployment Compensation for Unvaccinated Workers

Medical Freedom for PA National Guard

Protecting the Rights of Parents

Parental Choice Regarding Mask Mandates in School

Establishing a Parental Bill of Rights 

Protecting the 2ND Amendment

Right to Bear Arms Act

Protecting Constitutional Carry Rights 

Protecting Right to Life

Heartbeat Bill: Protecting the Rights of the Unborn 

Ensuring Accountability and Transparency

Banning Legislators from Receiving State-Owned or State-Leased Vehicles

Right to Know Reform: Disease Prevention and Control Law of 1955

Prohibition of Barring the Acceptance of Cash and Coins for Payment 

Protecting Free Speech and taking on Big Tech

Social Media Accountability Act

Patriotism and History

Monument Protection Legislation

Observance of 9/11 in Schools

Establishing “Election Day” as a Civic Holiday in Pennsylvania

Resolution to Declare October 28th as “William Penn Day”

Resolution to Reaffirm Religious Protection in Pennsylvania

Resolution to Recognize Flag Day

Small Business

Protecting Business Operations during Covid-19

One-Year Suspension of Tavern Gaming License Renewal Fee

Health Care

Insurance Coverage for More Comprehensive Antibiotic Treatment of Lyme Disease

Establishing a Statewide Advisory Council on Diabetes

Affordable Insulin Act

Combatting the Opioid Crisis

Allocation of Opioid Litigation Funds

Improving Drug Overdose Mapping and Response

Election Reform

Constitutional Amendment Allowing for December Session Days

Requiring Department of State to Submit a Report on Election Complaints

Repeal of No-Excuse Mail in Ballots

Statewide Ballot Measure: Repeal of Act 77 Provisions

Poll Watcher Empowerment Act

Creation of the Pennsylvania Elections Commission

Constitutional Amendment: Providing for Voter Identification

First Responders and Military

Free Fishing Licenses for Disabled First Responders

License Plate Fee Reduction for Veterans

Veteran Recognition Days

Veteran Turnpike Discount

Resolution Recognizing PA’s Contribution to Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm

Resolution Recognizing the Founding of the United States Army

Resolution to Remember the Korean War

Military Family Education Opportunity Accounts

Resolution Designating October as “Veterans of Afghanistan Month”

Move Over, Steer Clear Enacted into Law 

Lowering the Tax Burden

Clarification of Sales Tax Exemption for Cervidae Livestock

Property Tax Relief for Seniors

Gas Tax Holiday for Pennsylvanians

I stayed busy talking to everyday Pennsylvanians at many noteworthy and informative events throughout the year

You used your voice and voted to pass constitutional amendments that limit the governor’s power in an emergency.  Together we ended the draconian measures and celebrated the momentous occasion on the Capitol Steps.

Gun Owners of America joined us to discuss protecting our 2nd Amendment rights and the introduction of the Right to Bear Arms Act

Medical Professionals from across the state came together to rally for medical freedom

11/09/21 - Medical Freedom Rally

I opened a new office in Gettysburg, Adams County!

I hosted almost a dozen informative webinars including…

Lyme Disease, Concealed Carry Seminar, Human Trafficking/Sexual Assault Awareness Webinar, Addiction Awareness Webinar, Chronic Wasting Disease Webinar, Coping with Grief Webinar, Civics Webinar

My wonderful staff helped host an Identity Theft Shred Event

The amazing Grant team in Harrisburg came to district 33 to help me keep municipalities and emergency services informed by holding Grant Workshops

Emergency Personnel, First Responders and Law Enforcement came together for the National Night Out event hosted throughout the district. What an honor to be a part of such an important community event.

I have been served by a wonderful staff over the last year…

I had a great time connecting with so many fantastic Pennsylvanians while out and about:

It is always my distinct honor recognizing our Nation’s heroes.  18 Vietnam Veterans were honored for their service and sacrifice with special Vietnam Veteran pins.

Pennsylvanians in the 33rd district were busy too.  We had many special retirements, birthdays, Eagle Scout awards and various distinct awards.  I had the honor of presenting over 100 Citations recognizing and honoring our community’s citizens.

I learned how to milk a cow (it is harder than it looks)…

got to judge scarecrows…

 Participated in many community parades, festivals, and picnics…

I met some amazing people in 2021!

I met some furry friends too…

I am humbled and thankful at the opportunity to serve the 33rd district.  My office is standing ready to help with a wide range of services.  Please let me know if I can assist with Unemployment Compensation, Vital Records, Grant applications, Citations and special recognition, PennDot issues, legislation and community resources.

We have a lot of legislative work left to do in 2022. I will continue to listen to your voice and spearhead legislation to reduce the tax burden, encourage job growth, secure our elections, enhance government accountability and transparency, and protect your God-given freedoms from an overbearing government.

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